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Amazon Marketing Management Services

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Are you looking to increase your sales on Amazon? Succeeding on Amazon requires reaching your relevant buyers and audience by having the right strategies and methods in place which are aligned with the latest Amazon algorithmic updates.Optimized Webmedia is a leading Amazon Marketing Management Agency. Growing Amazon sales is what we’re great at. Our full service Amazon Marketing Management includes all the core services your business needs to succeed on Amazon, where you’ll have access to our team of Amazon experts. We provide strategies based on the latest and greatest Amazon Marketing and Advertising best practices, world-class support & insights, as well as reporting.
We provide end-to-end full Amazon Marketing Management Solutions, which can be broken down into  :

1. SEO

First, our Amazon SEO services provide performance-driven solutions that include the industry’s latest Amazon Search Algorithm and Product Listing Optimization strategies to increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance. Within our Amazon SEO services, we conduct thorough keyword research analysis to find the most relevant and search volume keywords as well as a competitive analysis, to create the best copy and content that will best position your products on Amazon.

2. PPC

Second, generate more revenue from Amazon Ads – Sponsored Products, with our Amazon PPC Advertising services, which include, a dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialist, keyword research, competitor analysis, copywriting, graphic design, proactive bid management, and reporting.

3. Copywriting/Content Writing

Next, with our copywriting/content writing services, we create and produce compelling and sales-focused copies for your product listings, which are based on keyword research and competitor analysis. Stay on the right side of frequently updated Amazon guidelines.

A keyword rich, SEO title is the most important part of your Amazon listing. We’ll use the best performing keywords to create your unique title, which will succinctly focus on your product’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP, and create a compelling call to action to make buyers either order there and then, else be captivated enough to want to find out more about your product.

Our Copywriting/Content Writing is broken down into 6 parts:

  • Product Title that hooks your readers and captures their attention.

  • 5 bullet points highlighting the major benefits of your product to set you apart from similar listings.

  • Product description with HTML that engages and informs your readers to compel them to make the purchase.

  • Keyword research for your product to further improve your ranking. These are the keywords that buyers use when finding your product.

  • Content that is optimized to Amazon’s unique search engine to improve your ranking.

  • Personal feedback for your listing (title, bullet points, description, reviews, etc) so you can make improvements right away.

4. Design

Next, our design team specializes in designing for Amazon – this include A+ Content, Brand Stores, & graphics.

5. Inventory Management

We will help assist you or your logistics team with inventory insights to help with inventory management. Making sure that you always have inventory for shipment is critical to your Amazon product listing’s rankings.

6. Catalog

We specialize Catalog Management, in fully optimizing titles, bullets, and back end search terms to ensure search rankings.

7. Reporting

Our Amazon Marketing Specialists will provide you with timely reports on the results, data, deliverables, and insights into upcoming opportunities for iterative improvements to your Amazon Store.

Now. Are you ready to see what our Amazon Marketing Management services at Optimized Webmedia can do for your Amazon business? Call or contact us online to chat with one of our Amazon Marketing Specialists today. We look forward to connecting with you soon!




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