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10 of the Best Shopify Stores and What They Can Teach You

shopify stores

Shopify reported a 59% increase over 2017 into 2018 with total revenue of $1.073 billion.

Whether your business already exists or you simply need motivation, Shopify stores can help provide invaluable inspiration. Entrepreneurs can also utilize the businesses to serve as great inspirations to start their own online stores.

Going global is an objective for many big companies that can be realized through the use of Shopify stores. The Shopify stores offer platforms where companies can market their products to potential buyers.

Here’s information about 10 of the best Shopify stores globally and what you can take from them.

1. Beantown Roasters

Beantown roasters are among the highest rated subscription-based businesses in existence. Subscription box businesses can help a company to earn recurring revenue while building an extremely loyal consumer base. This makes it a lucrative business.

The company uses three comprehensive reviews that allow the consumer to rank them more while search engines crawl the content. If you are looking to start a subscription business, the Shopify subscription app can prove relevant with a motivation from Beantown Roasters which uses it.

Beantown Roasters provides individual product pages for the consumer to choose individual products and other packs. The Shopify store is well organized and provides inspiration to anyone looking to start such a subscription business.

2. Scratch Coffee

The most interesting bit about this store is the captivating impression it displays. Scratch coffee draws your attention with interesting images and a call to action as its caption.

Utilizing videos in showcasing your products and brand is a very unique way of beating the old systems that relied on boring texts. The company convinces its consumers more by the use of videos portraying the actual process rather than making a full paragraph about the information.

The compilations on the site are of coffee roasters that utilize the company. The list of roasters helps with social proof that is appealing to the consumers.

3. Solo Stove

Like other successful Shopify stores, the first thing that meets your eye is a great hero image with a marketing call to action text. The solo stove offers information in the form of paragraphs giving the visitor a scope of what the company has achieved. This information already sells the idea of the solo stove being expertly crafted to the consumer’s liking.

Not only does the company provide stunning product photography which showcases its products in context but also offers a marketing aspect with vibrant and inviting colors. Besides, it has a section where it illustrates how technology is put to use.

4. Flatspot

Its outlook is similar to any other e-commerce website, but once you explore the products you realize the underlying specifications. It customizes its website in view of the customer being able to view available sizes just by hovering across it. The customization is not only limited to one product but all.

This setup motivates the consumer to order instantly and inspires the adoption of search to drive traffic to the website. Not only does this save its consumers time but gives them convenience when shopping online.

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5. So Worth Living

Establishing a connection with your consumers is what every company aims to do. This is what So worth loving considers its competitive advantage. The website home page has the founder’s message inspiring its visitors to share their story by being positive and upbeat.

The visitors consider this a call to action and hundreds of people have left a message on this Shopify store. Rather than making it a one-way conversation, engaging the readers allows the company to build a community of clients.

6.’s website design is quite colorful and fun bringing out life in its lifestyle brand specialty. Rather than using a static picture in the hero section, it prefers using multiple fun short video clips. The clips provide a realistic view and are not overproduced – the content involves individuals having fun in different scenarios.

The authenticity displayed in this outlook resembles a short social media story like those on Instagram. Affiliating with such social media platforms is how to drive traffic to your Shopify store to get traffic.

7. Kylie Cosmetics

Most people relate to this company’s success to Kylie’s celebrity status. The use of ‘marking out the favorite’ strategy pushed the company’s status to a leading cosmetics company. As a founder of the brand, you simply utilize your large following by endorsing products and watching your influences do wonders.

The use of videos on products pages compliments the strategy and influences the products on the perception of how authentic the product is. This is a simple way of how to drive traffic to your Shopify store.

8. Studio Neat

Being a tech company, the small details are the key determinants of success. Studio neat’s website has a drop-down menu with multiple miniature icons that enable the company to deliver clarity. Consumers have an easy time viewing what the tech company has to offer by a quick glance.

The addition of contact on the website validates the company’s communication goal and establishes trust with its consumers.

9. Veestro

Reviews are a key performance indicator for online stores especially meal subscription websites. Veestro provides a clear scope on how to seamlessly develop effective reviews. The review section provides vital information on the date and a picture of the food.

The customer clearly views the relevant and current information on the page with the photos appealing to the reader’s attention. The company also provides a page where it provides hard-hitting facts that the consumer can take.

10. Lucky Tackle Box

There are plenty of persuasive elements incorporated in the homepage of this company. A pop-up serves to portray to the visitor just how many orders can be made in one experience.

Countdown timers persuade the consumer to order fast if they intend to receive quickly. Also, there is a promo code that the client can enjoy bonus lure.
The company also provides the value of its boxes that serves to ascertain the customers of how safe their products are.

Enjoy Shopify Stores

The need for a Shopify store that is tailored to the needs of the owner or brand can only be achieved by hiring the expertise of a web designer. A unique and attractive website has the ability to drive traffic and multiply the stores’ value.

This kind of organization can only be achieved by a web developer who ensures accessibility to everyone regardless of the device in use.

More information on Shopify stores can be obtained by checking out our blog.

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