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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019: What to Expect in the Year Ahead

digital marketing trends

Digital marketing covers a lot of territory. From SEO to social media marketing, to video, to content marketing and more.

And as every new year approaches, the digital landscape evolves introducing newer and more enhanced marketing technologies than the year before.

And 2019 is no different.

In the coming year, there are many new digital strategies and online marketing trends essential for growing businesses. And many are rather necessary if a business doesn’t want to fall behind.

Here are the digital trends you need to know about in 2019 and why.

Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shift The Landscape in 2019

These digital marketing strategies and online trends will dominate business in the new year.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We’ve seen Artificial Intelligence integrated into the marketplace in 2018. But in the coming year, more businesses will adapt their business strategies to include AI more than ever in customer service.

Gartner predicted by 2020 consumers will conduct 85 percent of their relationships with companies without interacting with human beings.

And the analytical capabilities of AI will become more sophisticated in 2019.

Here’s what AI will be able to do better this year:

  • Analyze search patterns and consumer behavior.
  • Interpret data from online sources and platforms such as social media to allow businesses to understand how prospective customers find products and services.
  • Provide useful data and advice to consumers by customer engagement that often leads to purchases.

These capabilities will enable companies to spend marketing dollars more effectively so they can grow their businesses faster.

2. Chatbots

We’ve seen businesses employ chatbots in 2018. And we’ll see much more of it in 2019.

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to chat with potential customers on websites. What’s great about the use of chatbots is that customers can access them 24-7 from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection.

Going into the future, customers will expect more companies to have chatbots when visitors arrive on websites and company messaging applications.

And 80 percent of businesses plan on having chatbots by 2020. Businesses are learning that many visitors prefer chatbot interactions. Chatbots answer inquiries promptly, pull up purchasing history quickly, and are quite responsive.

These chatbots reach customer expectations and provide good customer service in a timely manner.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful sales tool. An influencer is a leader trusted by many followers. If an influencer promotes your brand, people are likely to listen and respond.

This kind of marketing is an efficient tool to draw in prospective customers. It’s wiser to pay influencers to promote your products than promoting them yourself to an audience you don’t know personally.

Influencers are one of the best digital marketing techniques available online, especially when you’re in a niche market.

So who are these influencers?

Influencers can be business leaders in your industry. They can be popular bloggers, Instagram influencers, Twitter stars, or even writers.

They’re anyone in your niche who has a large following and who can spread the word about your business through online presence.


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4. Programmatic Advertising

Another powerful digital marketing strategy is programmatic advertising. This advertising uses artificial intelligence to purchase ads.

Its purpose is to narrow your target audience and enable companies to connect with customers in real-time.

An example is an online auction conducted in real time. This form of advertising has proved successful for businesses looking for a quick result.

Programmatic advertising equals better conversions and you’ll typically shell out less money for these conversions. It’s believed that 86.3 percent of advertising dollars will be programmatic by 2020.

And its predicted to be drive mobile advertising as well.

5. Personalization

Personalized marketing rules in the digital landscape in 2019. While this marketing strategy is not a brand new concept, the way it’s being used is changing in a big way.

It’s no longer limited to email marketing communication. Businesses are now doing more targeted advertising and marketing campaigns, rather than focusing on large groups.

Businesses can focus on certain demographics, including gender, age, and much more.

Companies also use personalization for cross-selling, selling products to people who have bought other products on the company’s website.  The company uses advanced technology to determine products purchased from previous orders with the company.

On Facebook, companies can learn which brands their audience favors through Facebook ad campaigns.

This data can help companies tailor their advertising messages to attract a particular audience.

6. Live Video

More and more companies plan to integrate video into their marketing plans in 2019.

A type of video marketing that will be big in 2019 is live video. We’ve seen it on YouTube, but it will expand to other social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram have made live video available to digital marketers. These opportunities are growing for companies in the new year.

Live video is an effective marketing tool because businesses can engage with their target audiences. The interactive medium allows them to build brand relationships between viewers and the companies they follow.

The benefit of live video adds credibility to a company. It creates trust and increases brand loyalty. While there are potential risks to going live because of technical issues, the advantages seem to outweigh the negatives.

Followers understand potential setbacks and don’t mind since they’re looking to build relationships.

Final Thoughts on Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Now you know some of the biggest digital marketing trends and their predictions expected to take off in 2019. They provide unique, effective ways to build relationships with customers and increase revenue.

Optimized Webmedia Marketing provides a variety of solutions for businesses looking to succeed online.

Explore our blog for articles on a variety of helpful topics. Or contact us today to learn how we can help you take your business to the next level tomorrow.

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