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Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations: Every setting, explained

Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations Every setting explained

Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations: Every setting, explained

Google Ads features 35 Auto Applied Recommendations. Let’s take a look at what each one means.

Google Auto Applied bid settings

  • Upgrade your conversion tracking with data-driven attribution – a Google Ads setting that automatically compares the behaviours of non-converting and converting customers.
  • Bid more efficiently with enhanced CPC – an automated cost-per-click bidding strategy.
  • Bid more efficiently with target impression share – target impression share is an automated strategy aimed at putting your ad at the very top of the search page, maximizing impressions.
  • Bid more efficiently with Target CPA – an automated bidding strategy designed to provide a targeted cost-per-action.
  • Bid more efficiently with Target ROAS – an automated process to define your target return on advertising spend, or cost-per-conversion.
  • Bid more efficiently with maximize Clicks – another automated strategy, this time to maximize traffic to your website.
  • Bid more efficiently with maximize conversions – similar to the above, but the process seeks to maximize conversions with qualified traffic rather than seeking to boost traffic volume.
  • Adjust your CPA targets – adjusts your targeted cost-per-action, mentioned above.
  • Adjust ROAS Targets for max conversion bid – adjusts your targeted return on advertising spend.
  • Marginal ROI – Target ROAS Lowering – automatically improve ad margins by reducing target ROAS.

Google Auto Applied ads and extensions settings

  • Use optimized ad rotation – automating the rotation of different types of ads, including extended text ads and responsive search ads.
  • Test new ad text for repeatedly used phrases – spotting text that has been repeated in ads to optimize search performance.
  • Add callouts to your ads – adding information automatically to your advertisements.
  • Add sitelink extensions to your ads – automatically adding additional links from your website to the ad.
  • Add descriptions to your sitelinks – auto-generated descriptions to all added links.
  • Add structured snippet extensions to your ads – uses schema on your pages to create structured data snippets for your ad.
  • Create new versions of your ads – automated updates for your existing advertisements.
  • Create Dynamic Search Ads – using database information on your pages to create dynamic ads that respond to specific search terms, like searches for particular products.
  • Add responsive search ads – responsive search ads support numerous descriptions and titles, which are displayed based upon the search terms used.
  • Add responsive display ads – allows different ads to be displayed depending on the device or browser type used.
  • Add assets to your responsive search ads – creates responsive search ads with extra ad components to increase conversion.
  • Improve your responsive search/display ads – automatic improvements and optimization for responsive search and display ads.

Google Auto Applied keywords and targeting settings

  • Expand your reach with Google Search Partners – advertise via Google’s additional Search Partners.
  • Remove redundant keywords – automatically removes any keywords that Google deems redundant, i.e., those that are too similar.
  • Remove non-serving keywords – removes keywords not linked to your product or service.
  • Pause poorly performing keywords – temporarily halts the campaign for keywords that are underperforming.
  • Add new keywords – automatically adds new keywords to the advertisement.
  • Add phrase or broad match versions of your keywords – adds extra versions of keywords considered to be a broad match to your existing targeted phrases.
  • Add negative keywords – automatically chooses keywords to disavow, such as words with multiple meanings that might confuse search engines.
  • Remove conflicting negative keywords – removes any negative keywords that are being actively targeted in search terms.
  • Add audience reporting – supports audience analytic reporting for your ad campaign.
  • Adjust your keyword match versions – automatically changes the way that keywords are matched.
  • Broad match for fully automated conversion-based bidding – grows the reach of your automated bidding campaigns to get more conversions.
  • Display targeting expansion – expands the audience of targeted display campaigns.

Google Auto Applied repairs settings

  • Fix your ad text – auto-checks and corrects errors in ad text.

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