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How do I use ChatGPT for social posts?

How do I use ChatGPT for social post?

How to use ChatGPT for Social Media

Between small robots on wheels delivering food, cars that plug-in and phones that have become our third limb, we are really catching up to The Jetsons. The newest tech breakthrough to hit the scene (and cause a bit of a scene) is a chatbot called ChatGPT.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a robot that can write, like a human, theoretically. Which has human writers like us, a little on edge.

But perhaps this technological breakthrough could be more friend than foe…

Truth be told, there are some writing tasks that can get a little mundane and repetitive. Of course, there’s always room to throw some personality and spice into everything- but when you have to be posting on 3+ social media platforms, and make sure you’re on your SEO game, sometimes you just need to get things out into the world and keep it moving.

And that’s where we think ChatGPT can come in handy.

Here’s how we think you can use ChatGPT as a tool for composing social media content:

Social Media Captions

If you are here, your goal is to understand ChatGPT and how to use it.

In a perfect world, we’d take our sweet time crafting the perfect Instagram caption, every time we post. But since we live in a day and age where content is king and “more, more, more” is no longer a catchy tune but a way of life.

ChatGPT is a great resource to pump out some captions in a swift manner while still providing value to your audience.

To do this, you have to tell ChatGPT what you need. For example, I inputted the following direction into ChatGPT.

I instructed ChatGPT to: “Create 5 social media captions for a creative agency.

Here are the results:

1. “In a world full of noise, our creativity cuts through the clutter. #creativeagency #marketing #design”

2. “Want to make your brand stand out? Let us unleash our creativity for you. #branding #design #marketing”

3. “We turn ideas into reality. Let’s create something amazing together. #creativity #design #collaboration”

4. “Design is not just what it looks like, it’s how it works. Let us create a design that works for you. #graphicdesign #webdesign #marketing”

5. “We don’t just think outside the box, we shatter it. Join us on a creative journey. #innovation #designthinking #creativity”

Okay, kind of generic, but again, this is a good tool if you need a jumping off point.

We tried it again with more specificity, here are the results.

We asked:

Create an instagram caption to promote social media services.

The results:

“Boost your online presence and connect with your audience like never before! Let our social media services take your brand to new heights. ???????? #socialmedia #marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing”

Again, nothing wrong with what was delivered, but depending on your brand voice, the result may still need some tweaking. We do find it interesting that ChatGPT even auto-populates emojis.


While still a relevant medium, blogs don’t carry the it factor they once did. But low rise hands are making a comeback, what is old always becomes new again.

Because blogs are largely used as an SEO cradle, to drive traffic to your site, writing them with strategy can be beneficial. ChatGPT is a great resource for this as it can get you a solid foundation to play off of, that is rich in SEO, so you can focus on the more fun part of writing and less over how many times you used the term “social media marketing agency”.

Create A Content Calendar

Overall, we think the real power of ChatGPT is less about its ability to write and more about its ability to perform the mundane tasks we all need to do for social media content.

For example, ChatGPT can be used to create your business’s social media calendar. As you know, a social media content calendar is a must, but can also be very repetitive and sometimes just plain old finicky.

When you have to take into account major holidays, “days” themed around your business or brand, pop culture happenings amongst other things, it can be easy to get a little overwhelmed. This is where the robot mind of ChatGPT waves its hand at overwhelm and cranks out what you need with ease.

We gave ChatGPT the prompt: “Create a social media content calendar for a marketing agency. I want the calendar for April 2023 in a tabular format, including the date, post idea, and caption.

Discover Relevant Hashtags

The jury is still out on whether or not hashtags yield the same power they did in the early days of social media, you know, when a picture of your lunch was important enough to grace your grid and hashtags were still funny inside jokes like #cantbelieveijustatethat and #nexttimeorderoffthekidsmenu.

Nevertheless, we think they still serve a purpose, particularly for searching. We have used them ourselves when looking for a specific type of post, business, influencer, etc.

ChatGPT is a good tool for this type of work, as well.

For example, we asked ChatGPT to “list hashtags for content about AI”.


Overall, we think ChatGPT is a good tool for shaking the cobwebs out, getting ideas, and completing some of the more repetitive and mundane tasks that come with social media content (it’s ok, every industry has those pockets, no judgment here).

We hope you found some inspiration and reprieve in understanding how ChatGPT can work for you!

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