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The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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Are your current advertising efforts falling short? Do you feel that you’re not taking advantage of all the modern marketing outlets available to you?

If you’re looking for new ways to boost leads and sales for your business, look into creating a Facebook ad campaign. After all, there are over two billion Facebook users worldwide. With that kind of traffic, your advertisements could be getting a lot of attention!

Curious to know more? Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign is easier than you think.

Keep reading for a full guide on how to build effective marketing on Facebook. Let’s dive in!

Create a Facebook Page First

In order to create a successful Facebook ad campaign, the first thing you’ll need is a Facebook page. If you already have a personal account, you can use it to access Facebook’s advertising features. If not, use any email, business or personal, to set one up.

Get Specific with Your Campaign Goals

If you want to create a Facebook campaign that really packs a punch, you’ll need to be clear-cut and definitive with your objectives. Ask yourself these questions to establish specific campaign goals:

  • What are your ambitions for your Facebook campaign? Would you like to focus on creating leads for your company, generating buzz for your blog, boosting sales for your online store, or something else? Be as specific as possible.
  • Are you currently using email marketing? If you are, how many people are on your email list? What other digital marketing solutions are you using?
  • Do you have creative ideas for content about your given industry or products?

Use the answers to these questions to guide the rest of the creation process.

What Is the Facebook Ad Manager?

If you want to learn how to run a Facebook campaign, you’ll need to know how to use Facebook’s Ad Manager. So, what is it? The Ad Manager is a completely free tool that helps you set up, customize, test, track, and manage ad campaigns.

As of 2015, Facebook also introduced an Ad Manager app, making life even easier for business owners. With this app, you can create and edit ads, schedules, and budgets on the go.

How to Use Facebook’s Ad Manager to Design Your Ad Campaign

Now that we know a little bit about Facebook’s Ad Manager, let’s learn how to use it to design effective ad campaigns. Here’s what you need to know.

Guided vs. Quick Creation

The first decision you’ll need to make when using the Ad Manager is between Guided Creation or Quick Creation. The Guided Creation option is a complete step-by-step guide. This will be a great fit if you’re feeling unsure of how to do Facebook ads.

Quick Creation lets you set up the details of your ad in any order. This is perfect for those who are familiar with the Ad Manager already.

Whichever option you choose will automatically become your default, so every time you hit the “create” button, you’ll be guided with this workflow. If you ever want to change, just hit the “switch” button at the top of the creation page.

How to Publish

If you’re using the Guided Creation option, your brand new advertisement will go live when you click the “confirm” button. You won’t need to review it and it will be available right away.

If you’re using Quick Creation, you’ll save your ad as a draft first. From there, you can either edit it and publish it by clicking the “publish” button in the editing pane, or wait for another time to review, edit, and publish your draft.

Once you’ve followed through with either of these pathways, congratulations! You now have a published Facebook ad.



Use Your Brand Knowledge to Influence Your Design

While creating ads on Facebook, it’s important to focus as much energy as possible on honing in on your target audience. After all, what good is a Facebook ad if it’s not visible to the right people?

Use your brand awareness and business savvy to review who your target Facebook audience is. Facebook gives you the tools to target people on a micro level, and using these tools will help your campaign.

In fact, out of the millions and millions of users on Facebook, you can target as few as twenty people, if you like. Now that’s targeted marketing!

Create Consistent Content

Once you publish your first ad set, you may feel like you can sit back and watch the new leads and sales flow in. But that’s not exactly how things work.

Like any good marketing campaign, you’ll need to keep up with your Facebook ad management to get the most out of it. Continue to create content on your business’ Facebook page to generate more interest, and continue to create new ads to keep things fresh.

Combine Your Facebook Ad Campaign with Other Marketing Efforts

Smart marketing means creating marketing solutions that work together to bring you more exposure, leads, and sales. So, take some time to evaluate your other marketing efforts and explore how they can work with your Facebook ads.

If you’re utilizing other social media platforms, make sure that you’re cross-promoting. If you use email marketing, be sure to point your subscribers to your business’ Facebook page.

Catch the drift? Don’t leave any stone unturned. The goal is to get as much exposure for your Facebook ads as possible.

Wrapping Up

Creating a Facebook ad campaign is a simple and effective way to make a big difference in your business’ marketing efforts. It will get your company more exposure, better brand awareness, and allow you to combine your digital marketing solutions for improved efficacy.

For the best results, make sure to establish specific marketing goals before creating your ad. Allow these goals to influence the rest of your creative process.

When the time comes to conceive your ad set, use the Guided Creation option if you’re a newbie or the Quick Creation option for more flexibility. And don’t forget to target your ad as specifically as possible before you publish it!

Do you have any comments or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime! We’re here to help.


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