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Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends in 2024

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends in 2024

AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence jobs are now the fastest-growing jobs in the world. There is nothing to be surprised about that because the Artificial Intelligence revolution has already started a long ago. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is trying to leverage the power of AI to the most in enhancing their business operations. Not only that, AI trends show the usage of AI in normal day-to-day life has also increased drastically.

The wide application of AI across industries as well as individual lives is encouraging investors to put in more money and effort in developing more innovative AI solutions. This leads to the increased AI market size, which according to Markets and Markets, is expected to reach a value of $1345.2 billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 36.8%.

Thus, students and young professionals must be prepared to start their journey in AI careers as this industry is going to generate several job opportunities in the coming years. They must also be aware of the latest AI trends in 2024, to plan their career path accordingly. Let’s explore these top trends in brief

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2024
The following are the top 10 AI trends in 2024:

· Evolution of Generative AI

· Enhanced regulations for the Ethical use of AI

· Widespread use of AI in customer service

· Augmented Working

· AI-Augmented Apps

· Software Engineering without coding

· Boost in AI jobs

· Quantum AI

· Race to upgrade AI Skills

· Artificial Intelligence Legislation

Let’s have a look at these top trends in brief:

1. Evolution of Generative AI
ChatGPT, Anthropic, Bard, etc. are some of the most popular Generative AI tools currently. ChatGPT, especially, garnered more than 100 million users in just 2 months of its launch. These tools can generate text outputs of any kind, be it codes for app development, or drafting a business contract. But in the coming years, we will see AI tools capable of generating images, videos, and even music. The trend has already started though. Dall E-2 generates great images, and Beatoven generates music with just a prompt. In 2024 we might see new players emerging in this field

2. Enhanced regulations for the Ethical use of AI
AI systems and tools are built on huge amounts of data. There are chances that these data can be inaccurate, contaminated, as well as inappropriate. This could lead to bias in output as well as affect future innovations. Also, the AI technology currently lacks transparency. The AI application has already started replacing humans from jobs. And in the coming years, who knows if, AI can get out of control. In 2024 we can see improvements in the Ethical use of AI.

3. Widespread use of AI in customer service
Artificial Intelligence is first set to disrupt the job industry that is redundant, monotonous, and requires less to no skills. It will be easy to automate such tasks. And customer service sector is one of them. Several companies are using chatbots to answer customer queries. AI is used for cold calling and sales. In 2024, this will be employed by even more companies.

4. Augmented Working
Now time has come for humans to leverage their creative power and innovate new solutions. This is possible because now professionals from all fields can augment their work with the help of AI tools. So, humans need to upgrade their AI skills to use AI in their work, be it software engineering, or marketing.

5. AI-Augmented Apps
Gen Z are tech savvy, to be specific, they are app savvy. From social media to designing to posting reels, they use various kinds of apps throughout the day. And these apps are getting AI-powered. Not only that businesses are investing billions of dollars to come up with features like bots, enhanced cameras, personalized search engines, etc.

6. Software Engineering without coding
Gartner had predicted it long way back in 2019 that in the future software/application development can be done by low or no code tools. And in 2024 this is becoming real. Pandas AI, the ChatGPT-powered Python library can easily develop and test an application within minutes. It doesn’t mean software developers will lose their jobs. However, they must upgrade themselves with the latest AI knowledge from top artificial intelligence certification programs.

7. Boost in AI jobs
It is predicted that AI is going to create more jobs than it will replace. But the new jobs will be AI-powered i.e. the professionals must be equipped with the right AI skills to perform these jobs. New roles like AI engineers and Prompt Engineers are coming up. There will be other job profiles developed in the field of AI. So, it is recommended to enroll in AI certifications and upgrade your skills to stay relevant in the industry.

8. Quantum AI
Though this AI trend will not affect direct consumers anytime soon, the use of Quantum AI can boost the work process of some large companies that employ this technology. It can be done to perform very very complex calculations and handle heavy workloads efficiently.

9. Race to upgrade AI Skills
It is not the Artificial Intelligence that will replace humans from the job, but the professionals equipped with Artificial Intelligence Skills will replace those who don’t. It is always better to be prepared for the future. Professionals must therefore learn the AI technology to remain unaffected because of the growth of AI in their jobs.

10. Artificial Intelligence Legislation
AI’s transformative impact has forced legislators worldwide to address regulations related to AI. China already has laws against non-consensual deepfake creation, and the EU, USA, India, and the UK are working on regulations to balance AI’s benefits and risks. UK’s bill may be enacted in 2024, with an EU act expected in 2025. This debate over the boundaries will be a key political issue in 2024.

Concluding thoughts!
These are some of the top AI trends to watch out for in the year 2024. There could be other revolutionary developments in the field of AI in the healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors as well. We can see more apps and AI tools coming up that will help complete our jobs within minutes.

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