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Google Ads

Google Ads Vancouver

Google Ads PPC Campaigns

Paid Traffic allows marketers to engineer focused persuasion to the right users at the right time. It also allows marketers to engineer persuasion – mapping the right message at the right moment to facilitate the consumer’s journey and enhance your brand experience and user engagement.

Hire Certified Google Ads Specialists

With Google Ads your website could get an instant target traffic that will result in instant sales and conversion. Yet, setting up the Ads campaign correctly is a task for professionals like us. An incorrectly or not professionally set up campaign could end up costing you 3 times as much as the professionally set up & optimized one.

Paid Search is one of the quickest ways to generate sales from online. Please note that paid search does not have any effect on SEO and should be highly considered by those who have little to none Search Engine Rankings. Please note that PPC campaign set up is a time-consuming process that requires extensive skills and experience. Any PPC campaign must be maintained and optimized further on weekly basis based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Our Pay Per Click agency specializes in paid search and is Google Certified to manage such campaigns.

Get Immediate Results

Get immediate exposure precisely to the people who are important to your business, right when they are looking for your services.Target your Exact Demographic.

Managed Exposure

Take absolute control of how your brand is presented in search results by utilizing custom messaging based on your users intent.

With our Google Ads Marketing Program you’ll Benefit By

  • Instant traffic of visitors interested in your products and services
  • A clear and concise advertising program
  • Specific ad groups advertising your products and services
  • Strictly controlled budget
  • Geographic targeting
  • Accurate timing based on the behaviour of your potential customers
  • The best search phrases customers use to find your specific type of business
  • Optimized Ads results: you’ll get the the maximum level of qualified visitor traffic for your specific budget
  • Search engine listings that are highly appealing to your customers and will make them click on your ad
  • Remarketing campaigns to reach people who have previously visited your website and make them return

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Google Ads Vancouver

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