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Ecommerce Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ecommerce Marketing with Paid Search

Your ecommerce website is not the only place you can sell your products online! There are many paid search platforms—including Google, Bing, Amazon, and more—to advertise your products and increase the number of transactions you get from the Web.

If you need help with your paid search shopping campaigns, Optimized Webmedia is ready to help. Based on your goals, company size, and other factors, our PPC specialists will make recommendations for how your company can measurably improve your shopping campaigns.

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Our PPC Process for Ecommerce Companies

Our process for PPC is similar to our approach to ecommerce marketing in general: Track > Test > Tweak > Repeat. Simply put, you can’t maximize what you fail to measure and track. Better data equals better results.

1. Completing a competitor analysis

  • Completing a market analysis of your products and industry

  • Finding online competitors currently outranking you on the web for your services

  • Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes, and more in your market

2. Creating data-driven ads

  • Researching keywords to find what and how your customers are searching for your products

  • Creating copy for high-performing ads

  • Split-testing ad copy

  • Conducting competitor research on ad copy

3. Tracking your PPC Campaign

  • Tracking average positions by campaign

  • Tracking click-through-rate

  • Tracking cost-per-click

  • Tracking leads, calls, sales, and revenue by campaign

4. Managing your PPC Campaign

  • Managing and tweaking bids for each campaign

  • Monitoring keyword search queries and adjusting bidding

  • Monitoring the average position, click-through-rate, and cost-per-click

  • And more optimizations for campaign improvement

5. Services beyond paid search campaigns

  • Landing page optimization

  • Display advertisement campaigns

  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns

  • LinkedIn advertising campaigns

  • Paid social media marketing campaigns

Why Do Ecommerce PPC?

Your customers are searching for your products on sites like Google, Bing, and Amazon. By advertising on these platforms, you are maximizing your online real estate and increasing the likelihood of people purchasing your products. If you’re looking to sell more products, grow your business, and get more people to know your brand, a shopping campaign can help.

Google Shopping Campaigns

One of the most popular forms of ecommerce PPC is through Google Shopping Campaigns. With shopping campaigns, you can:

  • Include photos of the product you’re selling (you can’t do this with text ads!)
  • Automatically display prices, photos, and even promotions for your products
  • Allow customers to easily find your products on the Google Shopping Channel
  • And more

Interested in doing a Google Shopping Campaign? Contact us today! We’ll link the Google Merchant Center to your AdWords account and upload your store and product data.

Our Ecommerce Marketing Services

When you sign up for our paid search services for your ecommerce website, we’ll:

  • Design your campaign strategy – Based on your goals, we will design a custom campaign strategy for you. Whether you want to sell products in parts of the United States, or the whole world, we can create a strategy that will fit your goals.
  • Set up your campaigns and continually optimize them – Our PPC specialists will create campaigns based on your goals and continuously optimize them for increased transactions.
  • Measure your campaign’s performance – In order to measure ecommerce performance, we set up and use tools such as Google Analytics to measure things like return on ad spend, total revenue, revenue per transaction, and total transactions.

Why Pay for Professional Ecommerce Paid Search Marketing?

Pay per click is a cost-effective way to get more qualified visitors to your ecommerce website—but only if you know what you’re doing. While PPC platforms like AdWords are self-service platforms, most business owners lack the time, expertise, and tools required to maximize their paid search ROI.

At Optimized Webmedia, our dedicated PPC specialists have years of experience in a wide range of industries—from ecommerce to home services to professional services and more. All of our PPC specialists have been Google AdWords Certified, Google Analytics Certified, and are Bing Ads Professionals and can help with all aspects of your shopping campaign—including ecommerce tracking installation, ad copy, bid adjustment, and more.

How to hire Optimized Webmedia for PPC Management
If you’re interested in our PPC Management Services, please contact us to check our availability and receive a free quote.




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