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PPC for Optometrists

PPC for Optometrists - Lead Generation

PPC for Optometrists

Optometrists are learning how to utilize PPC (Pay Per Click) model and hunt for new leads on search engines like Bing, Google, etc. However, only a PPC campaign that has a well-defined set of objectives and target groups can hope to produce satisfactorily high returns per every dollar paid for PPC ads.

Optometrist Ads Work Better When They Are Specific and Include a Strong Call to Action

When optometrists publish PPC adverts of general nature, they ignore real problems their customers want solved. Instead, the campaign should promote a single expertise field that matters to customers. To make an example, people might be looking for a vision exam and they will react best to ads that offer this exact service. In fact, they might make a purchase as soon as they see a call to action (i.e. ‘Book your vision exam – discount for seniors’).

Carefully Select The Best Optometrist Keywords

Well-chosen list of keywords can be worth a lot of money in PPC advertising for optometrists. That’s why this step should be performed with utmost diligence so that you can stay away from the most expensive optometrist-related words. A practical alternative would be to invest in long tail keywords, which aren’t as costly but often work just as well. Another good tip is to define negative keywords as well, thus preventing needless expenditure on wrong viewers.

Show Your Ads in Selected Geographic Regions

Google AdWords gives you the freedom to select the cities or regions where your ads will be shown. Regional targeting is very important, with your local market holding a special relevance. Mentioning your company location or listing a local phone helps to attract nearby customers.

Using Dedicated Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

Users who decided to click on a PPC ad for your company will arrive to your website, and the page they initially see is called a Landing Page. This page should contain plenty of useful information about the advertised service, but shouldn’t overwhelm the visitor with unrelated facts. Some examples of appropriate landing pages for optometrists include eye exams, eye glasses, contact lenses…

A direct call to action placed on the landing page is likely to improve the conversion rates. However, some businesses work in multiple fields and would like to promote them all. In such cases, the campaign should be divided in several segments, each of which consists of a few different ads and a matching landing page. This type of campaign organization guarantees that every visitor will be directed towards the appropriate content on the company website.

Landing Page Optimization for Mobile Phones is Crucial

It shouldn’t be forgotten that a lion’s share of searches for optometrist services is made using a mobile device of some kind. For that reason, any landing page used in a PPC campaign must be responsive, or able to resize on its own when accessed from a smartphone or tablet. Resizing the images and text is not enough, as user experience also depends on the number of clicks needed to perform an action. That’s why it’s better to break down the content into multiple landing pages that load more quickly.

Why Should Optometrists Use Google AdWords?

  • World’s most powerful Search Engine
  • High visibility on the Top Page of Google showcasing your business to prospective clients searching for the type of services you provide
  • A more cost-effective alternative to traditional media (newspapers, flyers, radio, TV etc)
  • You only pay for those users who click through to your website (Pay Per Click – PPC)
  • Customized Geographic Targeting – target only potential customers in your area
  • Powerful reporting that easily integrates with Google Analytics
  • Easily adjustable budget
  • Measure Return on Investment precisely with Conversion Tracking
  • Successful Google AdWords campaigns can be easily translated to Bing Ads (Bing & Yahoo)
  • You can reach your prospective clients at their exact moment of need

Why Optometrists use Optimized Webmedia for PPC?

  • We have a lot of experience managing PPC accounts for optometrists
  • Our fees are competitive and we work hard to produce maximum impact within your available PPC budget
  • We are a Google AdWords Partner as well as Bing Ads Accredited Bing/ Yahoo)
  • We specialize in Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing
  • We provide  personalized and customer-centric service
  • Our reporting tools and online PPC Dashboard are second to none, enabling you to monitor every aspect of your campaigns
  • Our PPC services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No long-term contracts – our management services are accounted on a monthly basis

How to hire Optimized Webmedia for PPC Management

At Optimized Webmedia, we use the Alpha Beta Campaign Structure technique to create high performing and optimized AdWords PPC Campaigns.

If you would like to receive a Free PPC Consultation or Free PPC Assessment, please contact us to check our availability and to receive a free quote.




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