WordPress Website Maintenance

Client: MarketData Force

Category: WordPress Maintenance

CMS: WordPress

Optimized Webmedia maintains several WordPress Websites.

The OWCare Customer Success Services offers support to companies to manage their WordPress security and maintenance tasks.

Prevention costs are far less expensive and less damaging that recovering from a disaster.

WordPress Maintenance Screenshots


Optimized Webmedia’s designers used professional branding designs, with high definition images.

Social Media

Social media is a crucial component of digital marketing. Our developers ensured that World Captial Financial’s social media accounts were visible to help grow its brand. Blog posts are shareable on all social media platforms.

Google Analytics

Measuring site traffic and understanding which devices the website is being accessed in, as well as which countries website traffic is coming from are all important information that the Marketing team at World Capital Financial will need to analyze. Thus, Optimized Webmedia ensured that Google Anlaytics was integrated in with the website.

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