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Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO Services

Advanced SEO Services to Strengthen Your Website’s Visibility

The SEO strategy for every website is different. This is why we designed a variety of advanced SEO Services to help support your search marketing goals. Below is a list of some of the Add-On Advanced Search Engine Optimization Services that we offer:

SSL Certificate – HTTPS

Google wants a more secure web and is staging a multi-phase roll out of changes to its Chrome browser to encourage website owners to switch to HTTPS, also known as SSL.

Data from Google Chrome usage shows that more than 70% of Chrome users are visiting HTTPS-enabled websites, which indicates that browsing via HTTPS is becoming the norm. Armed with that data, Google is taking steps to “encourage” the global adoption of SSL/HTTPS.

Google Penalty Recovery

A wide range of factors can cause your website traffic or rankings to suddenly drop, but penalties assessed by Google are among the first things we look for when diagnosing the problem. Links to a low-quality site, hidden text, keyword-stuffed content, and more can trip one of Google’s penalty filters and knock you out of a good spot on search engine results pages.

We offer penalty assessment services to identify on- and off-page factors that may have resulted in sitewide or page-specific penalties on your site, as well as recovery services to help your site get back on track to regain traffic and rankings. Learn about our prices for SEO penalty recovery services.

Natural Link Building

Link building is one of the most important things you can do in terms of off-site search engine optimization. As you probably know by now, search engines like Google tend to rank pages higher in search results based on the number and quality of links to those pages. Essentially, the more links you have, the more likely you will be to rank well when someone searches for keywords related to your website.

Google Places Listing Services

Reach more customers in your local market! Our Google Business Listing Service puts you on top of the search engines.

Call Tracking

Some of the hottest leads your business receives come through the phone. People who call you directly often need service more urgently, or have concerns they want to address with you in person. Phone tracking allows you insight into those calls and how your business handles them. With phone tracking you’ll learn how your customers find your business and record their calls to determine how your staff handles those calls.

Call tracking works by assigning your business unique 1-800 or local numbers that can be placed on your website or marketing materials. You can use one number to record all your calls, or you can implement multiple numbers to differentiate between the methods customers use to find your business. On your website we can dynamically change the contact number based on the method the visitor used to find your website. This allows you insight into how the caller found your website and how your business should handle the call. The more phone call tracking numbers you have, the more specific your data will be. When someone calls one of the unique tracking numbers, web analytics will record the call and any relevant data for easy analysis.

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Be wary of SEO audit scams

Make sure you get your money’s worth! Every SEO company does audits a bit differently. Some will simply run your website through software that spits out a standard report, while others will take a deeper dive into that data and give you an unparalleled look into your site’s performance, structure, and authority.

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