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Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO - Optimizations outside of the website

What is Off-Site SEO?

Off-site SEO refers to activities that are performed outside of your website. The benefits of off-site SEO include increased rankings in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page), which can result in increased website traffic; increased page rank; more exposure which gets more site visits, social mentions, and links.

1. Link building

Link building is the most effective and popular method of off-page SEO. Social media bookmarking is also a great strategy for link building.

2. Blog Writing

Guest blogging is a great way to gain backlinks to your website, provided that you don’t overdo it, and you’re not just doing it for the backlinks.

3. Social Media

A great way to link-build. Social media mentions are beginning to gain ground as ranking factors. Proper configuration of social media profiles can also boost SEO. Social bookmarking can be done using websites such as,,, and Delicious.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to drive SEO results. Focus on inbound links, content promotion, on-site engagement, drive to RSS, reputation building and brand recognition, and social media engagement.

5. Live Videos: Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live

Live streaming is extremely popular for businesses to directly connect with followers. Better brand exposure and richer content, and creating urgency are all benefits of using live streaming in your marketing arsenal. There are multiple platforms that can be used, both Facebook and YouTube are continually innovating and improving their live streaming features and capabilities.

6. YouTube Ads

YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users every month. YouTube ads is in the form of Pay Per Click advertising through Google AdWords for Video. You’ll be able to precisely target your ideal customers.

7. LinkedIn Ads

Regardless of what industry that you’re in, your business audience is most likely on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn ads, you’re able to increase your visibility, and improve the know, like, and trust factor.

8. Facebook Ads

Facebook has a strong commitment to continued innovation, such as chatbot messengers. It is the top social media advertising platform. High conversions on mobile, call-to-action button options, data capture, are all advantages of creating targeted Facebook Ads.

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