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Call Tracking

Call Intelligence Reporting

Are your phone calls actually leads? Are your phone leads closing? Is there a reason why they aren’t closing? Which of your customer service representatives (CSRs) closes the most leads? These are all questions that you can’t answer with basic call tracking. But with Call Intelligence Reporting, you can.

If you’re interested in converting more phone calls into sales or booked appointments and gaining never-before-seen insights into your call handling team’s performance, you’ve come to the right place.

Most savvy business owners are familiar with phone call tracking—where you assign phone numbers to each of your advertising strategies to figure out which ads generate calls and the volume of calls the ad generates. Knowing which advertising strategies yield the best results is an excellent way to cost-effectively maximize results. However—there’s a few big problems with call tracking, a big one being: Not all phone calls are leads!

So if phone call tracking doesn’t tell you the whole story, what does? At Optimized Webmedia, we got above and beyond phone call tracking with our Call Intelligence Reporting. When you sign up for Call Intelligence Reporting from Optimized Webmedia, our call analytics team listens to and tags every single one of your calls. We then turn this data into an easy to read report and highlight certain takeaways, including:

  • How your customers are finding you
  • The volume of calls from each marketing strategy
  • What percentage of the calls from each strategy are leads
  • Why your leads aren’t closing
  • The true value of your marketing investments

With Call Intelligence Reporting, you’ll get never-before-seen insights into your call handling team’s performance and actionable recommendations to convert more of your phone calls into sales or booked appointments. You’ll learn if your calls are leads, who your best CSRs are, why your leads aren’t closing, how to recover lost leads, and so much more.

Measure the True Quality of Your Marketing & Advertising

Many marketing companies will tell you they can help you get more phone calls. But how many of those phone calls are actually leads? Unless you personally take every phone call yourself, you probably don’t know.

There are plenty of non-lead phone calls that your business likely receives each week:

  • Job inquiries
  • Robots
  • Personal calls
  • Solicitors
  • Existing customers

The only way to know if your marketing and advertising produce actual leads it to track, listen to, and tag every call. Call Intelligence Reporting does just that.

What Call Intelligence Reporting Can Tell You About Your Call Handling Team

Whether your customer service representatives (CSRs) realize it or not, they are essentially a sales rep for your company—offering a first—and possibly last impression of your company to your potential customers). Call Intelligence Reporting allows you to regularly audit your call handling team.

When you sign up for Call Intelligence Reporting from Optimized Webmedia, our call analytics team listens to and tags every single one of your calls. We then turn this data into an easy to read report and highlight certain takeaways about your CSRs, such as:

  • Whether you have a large number of missed calls.
  • If your CSRs are polite and knowledgeable.
  • If your leads convert into sales or appointments (If not, why? Is it due to a CSR error?).
  • What is your CSR close rate and who are your best CSRs.
  • What obstacles your CSRs face.
  • If there are any ways your CSRs can improve.

Discover Why Your Leads Aren’t Closing with Call Intelligence Reporting

By listening to all of your phone calls, we’re able to identify and recover potential lost leads for your business, as well as pinpoint why the sale wasn’t made. For example:

  • Your company could not satisfy the customer’s time requirement.
  • The caller was just price shopping.
  • Your CSR made an error, such as providing false information about your products, services, or service area.
  • You made the caller wait too long or put them on hold before helping them.
  • The CSR transferred the call to a sales rep’s voicemail.

With our Call Intelligence Reporting, you’ll receive a new perspective on your customer service and your customers’ needs, and you can then make the internal changes necessary to capture future leads.




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