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The Complete Google Ads PPC Checklist for 2023

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Here is our Complete Google Ads PPC Checklist for 2023

The Complete Google Ads PPC Checklist for 2023

Google Ads are a highly valuable resource for growing your business. However, they’re also getting more competitive, and the PPC prices are just going up as time goes on. Use this checklist to create ads that will lead to conversions without going over budget.

Setting Up Your Ads

Taking the right steps when setting up your ads is the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything and create a failing ad campaign. Here’s everything you need to get your campaign started:

  • Set your budget and goals. Understanding your available budget will allow you to create achievable goals. Having a single clear goal for each campaign is the easiest way to track your progress.
  • Build your keyword list, including negative keywords. Keywords are necessary to reach your target market, while negative keywords will ensure you aren’t targeting those you know won’t lead to conversions.
  • Prepare a landing page. Your ad campaigns will be more successful when you set up landing pages specifically designed to convert users through those ads. You can also link your ads to specific landing pages already on your site.
  • Write your ad copies. Make sure to write at least a couple of versions of your ads so that you can test them during the campaign. Always include your keywords in the ads.
  • Adjust the campaign settings. Google Ads default campaign settings aren’t always the best for your campaign, so take the time to go through and change the settings as needed.
  • Set up conversion tracking. What you do to set it up will depend on what conversions look like for you, but this can generally easily be done by creating a page the user is brought to after conversion.
  • Use Location extensions to optimize for Local PPC Management.

Monitoring Your Ads

Once your ad campaign is running, you need to monitor it and make adjustments to get the most out of it.

  • Pause non-performing keywords. If you find some keywords aren’t converting, have a low quality score, and have a low click-through rate, pause them.
  • Add more keywords. Once you’ve paused some keywords, it’s helpful to add more, especially some long-tail keywords.
  • Test your ad copies by making small changes. By having a couple of different copies for each campaign, you can easily test to see what changes improve your ad.
  • Test landing pages. Once people are clicking through, you want them to convert. Testing multiple different landing pages is a good way to ensure you’re maximizing conversions.
  • Learn how to increase ecommerce conversion rate through effective Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Need Help With Your Ad Campaign?

Successful Google Ads campaigns are a lot of work, but the conversions and growth are worth it. If you don’t have time yourself, get in touch with our team, and we’ll set your ad campaign up for success.

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