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7 Serious Signs Your Company Needs a Fresh, New Website Design

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Do you want to give your business a huge sales boost by making one simple change? If so, it’s time to look into creating a new website design.

After all, your website is a direct reflection of your business and its values. To let your business grow to its full potential, you need a modern site that impresses and entices potential clients, instead of confusing and frustrating them.

Are you curious to learn more about how to improve a website? Keep reading for seven tell-tale signs that your company needs a new website design, and for tons of surprising website design tips that can change your business forever. Let’s get started!

1. Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

These days, people use their cell phones for everything. And this includes browsing business websites and online shopping. If you want to maximize your sales, you’ll need a website that’s mobile friendly.

Test out your site’s mobile capabilities by visiting your home page from any smartphone. Does it look good? Is it easy to interact with?

Use the answers to these questions to guide you. And if your website needs reworking, make sure to act fast. Every day that your website is not mobile friendly, you’re losing out on potential business.

2. Slow Loading Speed

Did you know that forty percent of internet users will abandon a website if it takes over three seconds to load? This means that you could be losing tons of leads if you have a slow loading speed.

To prevent this sluggishness, hire a professional to improve your website design. They’ll get your site streamlined in all the right ways.

3. You Feel Lost When It Comes to Updating Your Site

If you’ve tried to give your website an update but you’re feeling lost, don’t stress. You shouldn’t expect yourself to be a natural at web design.

Let yourself concentrate on what you do best and hire a professional to update your site. Going pro will save you both time and money!

4. You’re Not Getting Enough Leads or Sales

Good website design and development will always help you develop leads and sales for your business. So, if you find that you’re not getting enough leads and sales, it’s a good indicator that it’s high time for a web makeover.

5. A New Website Design Will Give You a Modern Look

Take a look at your business’ website. Does it look at all outdated?

If the answer is yes, think about getting a fresh design that will bring you into the modern age. After all, if your website looks like its stuck in the past, people will think your business is, too.


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6. You’re Ashamed of Your Current Webpage

If you find yourself making excuses as to why people shouldn’t visit your website because you feel embarrassed about the quality, it’s time to make a change. Your website should be a direct reflection of everything about your company that makes you proud.

Make an investment in your future and hire a web designer to create a website you’ll feel excited to share. After all, if you’re enthusiastic about your website, your clients will be, too!

7. People Leave Your Site Quickly

Have you ever heard of the term “bounce rate“? It’s the rate at which people leave your website after viewing just one page.

If you have a high bounce rate, it means that people aren’t compelled to explore your site. This, of course, can have a negative effect on your leads and sales.

To lower this rate, you’ll need to consider why people are hopping off your website so quickly. Feeling out of your depth? Talk to a pro for insights and solutions.

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8. There Are Elements of Your Site That Don’t Work

If your clients or team have ever complained about an element of your website not working, it’s vital that you mend it ASAP. Whether it’s a link, a comment box, or an image, any part of your website that doesn’t function properly is a bad reflection on your company.

9. You’re Not Leaving Space for Engagement

A huge part of boosting sales for your business is encouraging customer engagement. Being able to interact with potential clients and show them why your product or service is worth their money is vital for success.

An easy way to promote engagement is through your website. So, if your web design isn’t leaving space for conversation, you may be losing out on sales.

Scroll through your site and look for opportunities for consumer engagement. Make it simple and watch the new leads roll in.

10. Your Brand Isn’t Reflected by Your Website

Effective branding is important when it comes to building a successful business. But in order for your efforts to work their magic, your brand needs to be recognizable across all platforms, including your website.

If your company’s website is letting your brand down, it’s time to consider a fresh design. This way, when potential clients visit your site, they’ll see the recognizable trademarks and feel at ease.

11. It’s Difficult to Navigate

Is your website a little clunky or difficult to navigate? If finding your way around is anything less than a breeze, it’s time to enlist some help.

A professional web designer will be able to give you tons of website layout tips and make sure that your page is running as smoothly as possible. Remember, if your website isn’t easy for you to use, your potential clients are feeling just as frustrated!

The Bottom Line

A new website design will not only make your website look better and more professional, but it can also lead to a huge boost in sales. If any of the eleven signs above apply to your business’ website, it’s time to hire a professional.

For the best results, focus on implementing comprehensive branding and smooth navigation. And don’t forget to make sure that your site encourages client engagement and reflects your business’ brand.

Want more awesome web design tips and info? Check out our blog page for tons of ideas about how to make your digital marketing efforts the best that they can be.

This post was published by Donald Kim at Optimized Webmedia Marketing. Optimized Webmedia Marketing is a customer centric, 360° Digital Marketing agency, specializing in SEO, Google Ads PPC, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design. To learn how Optimized Webmedia Marketing can help optimize your website to attract more visitors, book a free consultation and ask for our free SEO Site Audit.

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